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A New Jersey Business Dispute Attorney Helping You Resolve Conflicts

Sooner or later, every business will face disputes. The important thing is that you manage those disputes proactively and understand that you will need to be aggressive to protect your rights. Hiring a New Jersey business dispute attorney is an investment in the future success of your business.

Forward-Looking Legal Representation for New Jersey Business Disputes

The best way to resolve a corporate dispute is to avoid it in the first place. To do this, you need to be able to identify the potential issues before they arise. This means careful drafting of the various documents that your business is built on, such as your operating agreement and other foundational documents as well as your contracts and other more routine documents. Knowing what issues may arise means that you can draft these documents to not only guard against these disputes but also ensure that you have the protections in place that you need if a dispute is unavoidable.

New Jersey business dispute attorney Daniel P. Silberstein has the experience needed to manage your business’s risks from every angle and at every stage of its life cycle. Whether negotiating a contract or helping you draft the important documents you need to start your business, his experience as a commercial litigator gives him a keen eye for the potential issues that other lawyers may overlook. He can help evaluate your current documents, recommend amendments where appropriate, and assess your options if you are facing a dispute.

Cost-Effective Legal Counsel Both In and Out of the Courtroom

While not every business dispute results in litigation, many disputes do wind up in court, especially when the dispute has been mismanaged from the outset. Unfortunately, many business owners choose to retain legal counsel only once litigation has become inevitable.

When facing a dispute, working with a New Jersey business dispute attorney can quite possibly save you the expense of litigation. They will know how the law applies to your case and the potential outcomes so that you can negotiate a resolution from a position of strength. Working with a corporate dispute attorney from the outset sends a message to the opposing party that you intend to aggressively enforce your rights, which can help resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

A Seasoned Litigator When You Need Aggressive Legal Representation in New Jersey

Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes unavoidable. It could be because the other side is simply being unreasonable or that both sides have a good-faith basis for the positions that they have taken. Whatever the case may be, New Jersey business dispute attorney Daniel P. Silberstein begins preparing your case for trial from the very first day. While we recommend our clients settle when we believe it is their best option, we begin preparing to win at trial from the very first step. We believe that this helps our clients achieve the best possible results and forces opposing parties to meet our demands when they see that we’re serious about litigating the case.

A New Jersey Business Dispute Attorney Handling All Types of Commercial Disputes

While every business dispute is unique, they tend to fall into one of the following general categories:

Each of these types of disputes requires specific knowledge and skills to reach a satisfactory resolution. An experienced New Jersey business dispute attorney will be able to help you understand your options and then develop a legal strategy that is carefully tailored to meet your business needs.

Perhaps more importantly, however, you need someone who can help you understand what remedies are available and which make the most sense in your case. Many business owners don’t realize that they may be entitled to more than just monetary damages. For example, your lawyer can walk you through the following potential remedies:

  • Rescission: This is a remedy whereby you are asking the court to cancel the contract. While this remedy is rarely applied, it may be available in situations where the contract is the product of duress, fraud, or similar circumstances. In addition, you must be able to prove that monetary damages alone would be insufficient.
  • Contract reformation: You can file a lawsuit requesting that the court essentially rewrite the contract. This remedy is typically available when the contract fails to reflect the intentions of both parties, but the parties cannot agree on a resolution.
  • Specific performance: You can also file a lawsuit requesting the court to order the other party to perform their obligations under the contract. This remedy is commonly employed in situations where the goods or services covered by the contract are unique, and monetary damages would therefore be inadequate.

Not every remedy is available in every case. A New Jersey business dispute attorney can help you determine which remedies you should pursue in your case.

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