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Big Firm Experience, Small Firm Focus.

At Daniel P. Silberstein, P.C., I strive to deliver exceptional legal services on a personalized basis. I have over 25 years of experience in handling a broad spectrum of litigation matters, including commercial litigation, legal malpractice, real estate litigation, personal injury, and appeals. I get to know you and the problems you are facing. I then build a carefully-tailored legal strategy designed to meet your unique needs.

Just a Phone Call Away

My time is valuable. So is yours. My relationship with my clients is built on the philosophy that clients hire lawyers, not offices. Clients prefer to speak with and deal directly with their attorney, rather than an assistant who may be unable to answer your questions.

I strive to provide my clients with prompt communications that keep them up to date on the developments in their case. To that end, when you call, I answer. I make every effort to return any missed calls promptly.

Be Prepared to Litigate, Not Settle

Different law firms have different business models. Very often firms take in a high volume of cases, and attempt to settle them as quickly as possible to move on to the next file. While it is a profitable model for those law firms, client service often suffers. Minimal preparation, unreturned phone calls, unavailable attorneys, and unnecessary or sometimes even unreasonable delay can be the result.

At Daniel P. SIlberstein, P.C., I am more selective in taking on clients and cases. I accept clients who will benefit from the type of personalized service I offer, and whose cases may often require specialized attention.

While most cases settle, I nevertheless prepared each case for litigation from the very beginning. I believe that an aggressive litigation approach is most likely to maximize your results and increase negotiating leverage should the opportunity for settlement arise. Where settlement isn’t an option, we will be prepared for trial.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

I work with clients who face complex legal challenges and understand that achieving the results they need may not be easy. Much of the work I do is on an hourly rate. I also offer contingency fee arrangements where appropriate, based up several factors including the nature of the case, its facts and circumstances, and the relationship of the client with the law firm.

For my clients on an hourly fee billing, I focus on providing cost-effective legal services that maximize value to those clients.

Who We Help

I work with individuals and business entities, both as plaintiffs and defendants. If you have a claim you need to pursue or are in need of defense counsel, I may be able to provide you with aggressive legal representation dedicated to the best possible outcome.

I have considerable experience helping clients resolve the following types of cases:

If you have a legal issue, contact us to discuss how I can help.